About Us

Barak Wright — host & director

Barak Wright began his work in radio with an internship on the Hugh Hewitt Show where he screened calls and did background research, and even got a little airtime with Hugh himself. This taste of stardom only fed his hunger for bigger and better things, and in the Summer of 2009 he interned with Ken Myers of the Mars Hill Audio Journal.

He started The Sandbox in Spring of 2009, with the intention of bringing art, literature, music, and the discussions surrounding them to a wide student audience. Barak hails from Fallbrook, CA, the avocado capital of the world.

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Jonny Mueller — producer

Jonny Mueller is an English Literature major at Biola University, and a student in the Torrey Honors Institute great books program. He is also an active member of Torrey's theater group, participating in several productions, including a stint as co-director.

Jonny joined the Sandbox in 2009, and hails from Ventura, California, a beautiful beach community that is not, according to Jonny, the world capital of anything at all.

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Amanda Evans — co-producer

Amanda Evans is a sculpture student with marketing, curatorial, and audio recording experience gleaned from perpetual student internships.

She joined the Sandbox Monthly in 2010 as the guest coordinator, adding another role to her resume. Amanda hails from Grass Valley, California, a community whose ecumenical blend of outdoorsmen, hippies, and rednecks speaks to the possibilities for broader unity in the United States as a whole.

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Brandon Pfaff — audio technician

Brandon Pfaff is a literature student at Cal State Fullerton and The Sandbox's go-to guy for audio mastery and musical know-how.

When Brandon is not editing audio for The Sandbox, he's writing songs and producing music for his current musical venture begun with his kid brother and friends, Preacher's Sons. Brandon hails from La Habra, California, which doesn't make any sense when translated into English.

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Steven Reynolds — graphic designer

Steven Reynolds is a graphic design major at Biola University. He joined The Sandbox in Spring of 2009, and has been creating websites with his bare hands since he was 13.

Steven can clap with one hand, and he hails from Oxnard, California, the gang injunction capital of the world.

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